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***Please note The Credit Bootcamp was pre-recorded. This product is a digital download of the replay, e-mailed to you after purchase. 
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Join Shonda Martin Live, as she shares her invaluable credit expertise In the highly rated 5-Day, Credit Bootcamp replay


The Credit Bootcamp Replay is For You if You Want To Learn:
  • The Fundamentals of credit scores and which ones lenders use
  • How to actually read and understand a credit report
  • ​Consumer laws that you should be aware of when reviewing your credit report for accuracy
  • ​Mistakes to avoid when challenging inaccurate information 
  • ​Shonda’s personal strategy for rebuilding credit history, which has helped thousands build healthy credit profiles, attain homeownership and lower interest rates!

What You'll Get In The Credit Bootcamp:

  • A fully editable workbook with key takeaways from each day
  • Mailing labels and a dispute tracker to help you stay organized
  • Unlimited access to the replays for the entire 5 day event
  • ​Over 10 hours of credit education from a Board Certified Credit Professional

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After providing thousands with credit education, Shonda created this 5-Day Credit Bootcamp to make it easy for those who don't know where to start and who have a desire to below to join!

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Learn The Fundamentals Of Credit 

  • Learn managing credit risk:
    Learn how to draw a perfect framework to assess and manage credit risk. Every five days of the session, I will address financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, and qualitative analysis to demonstrate the best possible practices for managing the credit risk of your credit portfolio.
  • Stay engaged in intense sessions:
    Every session will be addressing different concepts regarding credit repair. You will leverage the engaging webinar sessions every day and grasp new concepts.
  • Guidance from the industry expert:
    Founder and curator of “Road To 750”, the Queen of making the credit repair process easy, and now YouTuber Shonda Martin will be guiding you up-front throughout the series.
  • Access Credit Bootcamp Editable Workbook:
    Each ticket for the webinar series you buy comes with a Credit Bootcamp Editable Workbook for the best self-hypnosis practices.
  • An interactive Q+A session each day:
    After each lesson, you will have a highly interactive and healthy Questions & Answers session to ensure the credit information is provided among every individual in the best digestible form.
  • Accommodation for everyone:
    You are free to join whatever session you are comfortable with as there are two timings for the LIVE session. 10AM -12PM & 7pm - 9 PM. It’s up to you whichever session you join!
  • Access to replay the recorded sessions:
    If you couldn’t attend the live session, don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on it. You still hold the chance! Access the recorded sessions whenever you want.
  • Affordability so everyone can access:
    This is not some extravagant course. Credit Bootcamp Webinar LIVE Series cost only $50, which rounds off to only $10 per day.

Day 1

On day 1 we'll cover the anatomy of a credit report and how to read its' content. We'll also talk about the impact of inaccurate personal information and how to correct it. 

Day 2

On day 2 we'll be talking all about collections and how to take a proactive approach to prevent them from ever appearing on your credit reports. If you already have collections- we'll be covering how to spot inaccuracies.

Day 3

On day 3 we'll define charged-off accounts- and how to analyze this unique account type. We'll also cover costly mistakes you should avoid when challenging this type of account.

Day 4

On day 4 we'll be covering how to effectively rebuild your credit profile, even after catastrophic damage has occurred due to events like bankruptcy or loss of income.

Day 5

Third-part consumer reports & public records...say what? Yes, there are other entities that report information outside of the BIG 3 bureaus. We'll go into detail regarding these entities and the laws that govern them.

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